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I scored the adorable “In the Spotlight” idiom bangle. There were a few other bags I had my eye on, but just couldn’t bring myself to drop the money on them right now.

Love or Hate?

  • sunglasses – loft
  • scarf – h&m
  • dress – dkny, thrifted
  • shoes – fs/ny sloops

I can’t decide if I love or hate this big scarf look. I know I’ve seen some ladies wearing it well, but I can’t decide if It’s too much on me.  What do you think? I’m thinking I might like it better if the scarf was a fun color. I was going for the all black and white look that’s in season right now, but I’m not sure how much I actually like it.  I actually didn’t end up wearing the scarf the day I wore this to work because it was so warm.

I’ve always loved this dress, purchased from my local goodwill. I find the best stuff there.

Hair inspiration is from Wendy’s Lookbook.  I have wavy, frizzy hair when I don’t blow it out, and I find that a low chignon can work wonders on days that I don’t have time for all that.

Anyway, I’m genuinely curious. Any opinions out there?



  • bag – kate spade, pippa

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! I’m not a mother (and have no plans to be), so I usually just celebrate this holiday by giving my mom a call. This morning, though, we went to breakfast at our favorite local diner. They were giving out flowers to all the women to celebrate Mother’s Day, so I got this little yellow carnation. I stuck it into my bag and was struck by how great and vernal it looked, hence the photo shoot.

Also, this is my first big designer bag purchase, so I thought I should feature it in its own post.  Hope you’re all having a great weekend!



Asos Flared Jersey Dress in Coral

  • dress – asos
  • belt – h&m
  • shoes – aldo

I got this dress from Asos (ASOS?) last summer and it has been a bit of a problem child for me. I love the full skirt on it and the color looks good on me, however you’ll notice that the bodice area of the dress is pretty drapey. I actually had to sew it together to create a sort of v-neck feel because if I didn’t, if I ever slouched the top of the dress would just sort of fall open. Oh well. I’m glad I kept it because once I got that sewn up right it looks great and has a great summery, flouncy vibe.

How would I make this outfit better? Again I’d have to note the lack of accessories. I think that is clearly an area of my wardrobe that needs sprucing up.  Also, I would try to discover a way to get the belt to stay in the right place. You can probably tell in these pictures that no matter how tightly I cinched it, it always wanted to slip down to my natural waist, which is just a hair lower than what this dress is cut for.

My new Steve Madden patent nude flats arrived yesterday, so these torn up old Aldo ones are officially toast.  Good riddance!

Fit and Flare Skirt in Navy

  • trench & skirt – banana republic
  • top – h&m
  • shoes – aldo
  • bracelet – etsy

This skirt is also from my big shopping weekend with the boyfriend. We found it in store and loved it only to find that the 6 was too large and the 2 was too small. I couldn’t stop thinking about it after that shopping trip so I ordered it online on the last day of their spring sale. I rarely pay full price for BR items. Between the regular sales they have and the 40% off they have every Wednesday it hardly seems worth it. If you’d like to get on that discount, just sign up for their newsletter on their website. Pretty much every Wednesday they send out a coupon for 40% off a regular priced item.

This is a new shape for me–usually I select more form-fitting pieces for myself. I think I made a good choice though. The girly shape of this skirt feels romantic and fun to me.

I paired it with a simple white v-neck. I actually ordered a nice navy blue crochet top tank from BR with the skirt (mostly for the free shipping) but was disappointed to not only find that it didn’t match the color of the skirt perfectly but also that it was loose and baggy on me even though it was a small. I feel like more adult retailers like BR (or Ann Taylor, for example) have really baggy waistlines. It’s such a shame because the quality of their jersey is so much higher than the quality you get elsewhere. But lets be honest, fit is everything (or mostly everything).

Looking at the pictures of this outfit, I have to say that to improve it I’d add more jewelry. Maybe a bold silver cuff or a necklace featuring some navy blue jewels. I really like simple outfits, but this might be just a hair too simple even for me. I’d also change out the shoes, but that’s happening soon anyway.

I’ve never been more disappointed with the quality of a pair of shoes than I was with these rose/nude flats from Aldo. I thought they were perfect in store–soft and roomy enough for my athletic inserts (due to the lack of support in flats, I almost always where them with some Dr. Scholls). The very first day I wore them to work the fabric at the tip of the toes got all shredded and scraped up, as did the fabric right at the base of the heel. Now they just look old and terrible and are far too damaged to be returned. This was the last pair of duds I’ll buy from Aldo. Their shoes are just too low quality.

Anyway, I ordered a pair of Steve Madden patent nudes last week that should be arriving shortly. Can’t wait to permanently retire these ones when they do.



  • dress – nordstrom rack
  • bag – kate spade
  • shoes – naturalizer
  • necklace – etsy

Recently my boyfriend and I went on a huge shopping spree. He bought me this dress. I’m in love with the color and the modern fit. It’s a little baggy in the upper bust/arm area, but for the price I’m willing to overlook that. The one true problem with a dress like this is that when you sit down you get a poof of fabric in the stomach area. Not much to be done about that. Mostly I was standing the night I wore this to a post work party downtown.

The real prize of our shopping trip, though, was this gorgeous Kate Spade bag that I’m totally in love with.  I’m very into pink as a color. In general this bag just screams “joules.” As soon as my boyfriend saw it he was in agreement that it was a must have. I’ve been toting it everywhere since.