Asos Flared Jersey Dress in Coral

  • dress – asos
  • belt – h&m
  • shoes – aldo

I got this dress from Asos (ASOS?) last summer and it has been a bit of a problem child for me. I love the full skirt on it and the color looks good on me, however you’ll notice that the bodice area of the dress is pretty drapey. I actually had to sew it together to create a sort of v-neck feel because if I didn’t, if I ever slouched the top of the dress would just sort of fall open. Oh well. I’m glad I kept it because once I got that sewn up right it looks great and has a great summery, flouncy vibe.

How would I make this outfit better? Again I’d have to note the lack of accessories. I think that is clearly an area of my wardrobe that needs sprucing up.  Also, I would try to discover a way to get the belt to stay in the right place. You can probably tell in these pictures that no matter how tightly I cinched it, it always wanted to slip down to my natural waist, which is just a hair lower than what this dress is cut for.

My new Steve Madden patent nude flats arrived yesterday, so these torn up old Aldo ones are officially toast.  Good riddance!