I scored the adorable “In the Spotlight” idiom bangle. There were a few other bags I had my eye on, but just couldn’t bring myself to drop the money on them right now.




  • bag – kate spade, pippa

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! I’m not a mother (and have no plans to be), so I usually just celebrate this holiday by giving my mom a call. This morning, though, we went to breakfast at our favorite local diner. They were giving out flowers to all the women to celebrate Mother’s Day, so I got this little yellow carnation. I stuck it into my bag and was struck by how great and vernal it looked, hence the photo shoot.

Also, this is my first big designer bag purchase, so I thought I should feature it in its own post.  Hope you’re all having a great weekend!




  • dress – nordstrom rack
  • bag – kate spade
  • shoes – naturalizer
  • necklace – etsy

Recently my boyfriend and I went on a huge shopping spree. He bought me this dress. I’m in love with the color and the modern fit. It’s a little baggy in the upper bust/arm area, but for the price I’m willing to overlook that. The one true problem with a dress like this is that when you sit down you get a poof of fabric in the stomach area. Not much to be done about that. Mostly I was standing the night I wore this to a post work party downtown.

The real prize of our shopping trip, though, was this gorgeous Kate Spade bag that I’m totally in love with.  I’m very into pink as a color. In general this bag just screams “joules.” As soon as my boyfriend saw it he was in agreement that it was a must have. I’ve been toting it everywhere since.